Friday, January 23, 2015

Visiting the Nowaks 2014

These pictures were taken last year during a visit to one of my best friends (Louie Nowak) who happens to me the mother of my Godson Colin.  I hadn't seen Colin or his identical twin sisters Olivia and Madelyn since the girls were tiny little things.  I brought them gifts which in the picture below Madelyn is enjoying tasting her little doll LOL.  


 Colin and his mom having fun with the bubble maker that I gave him.

Madelyn is in the pink, Olivia issitting in my lap.

Louie (Latwana) and my handsome Godson Colin.  Colin definitely looks like his mom while the girls look more like their dad.  I always enjoy spending time with these guys they are my extended family and I miss them since I moved to Michigan.

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